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ProQuip has a proud history as a Penberthy Master Distributor for over 50 years. With manufacturing roots dating back over a century, Pentair - Prophetstown, better known by its Penberthy brand name has long been recognized as a global leader in design and manufacture of high quality level instrumentation for process industries. Through our pursuit of excellence in product quality, customer service and on-time deliveries, we are known for providing superior products at competitive prices. From our beginning in 1886 with the boiler feedwater injector through present-day ISO 9001 certification, leading edge technology and personnel, Penberthy has unwavered in its ability to anticipate customer needs and to solve problems.

Penberthy / Yarway Application Report

Yarway Manufacturers Direct Reading Level Gages specifically designed for Boiler Drum Applications. It is important to differentiate these applications from process type applications where Penberthy Direct Reading Level Gages are applied. Process type level gauges are designed for process (e.g. ANSI/ASME B31.3 and B&PV code Section VIII) type applications, which may include non-fired pressure vessels containing steam & water. Saturated steam is different. Steam has latent energy and must be treated differently. Extreme caution must be used when liquid level gages are used with superheated steam - any water present would immediately flash to steam which impacts design and safety considerations. Please click on the attached pdf file for a comprehensive application report for selection of the proper level gage to meet your requirement. We also encourage you to contact a ProQuip Product Specialist for assistance.

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